Psychic Reading

Psychic reading may surprise, even astonish you. Ultimately a Psychic Reading should help you connect with your own higher self, to see your path ahead more clearly. It’s an intimate experience that can refresh your spirit and renew your determination to find fulfillment. Approach it with an open mind and heart, be prepared to be fascinated.
During a reading, Dolores will tune into your energy and spirit guides to give you insight on past and present life situations. She will use what tools she feels gravitated to use, such as Tarot and or Angel cards. It is important to understand we have free will and have the final say in all our choices in life. Readings are a tool to give you clarity and understanding what life has presented to you, challenges, concerns, etc. The guidance is intended to assist you in making decisions. Dolores will look deeply into career, finances, love, family, health or whatever else your guides want you to know. Having a healing background in Reiki, It is not uncommon for Dolores to pick up health issues and means of healing methods.

Feel free to have questions ready prior to your reading, Dolores will seek insight and give guidance on issues.

Please know, Dolores will NEVER discuss death or when you or loved ones is going to pass into Spirit. DO NOT ASK!
If you feel you may need additional time, it is recommended to secure your time in advance. All appointments are scheduled in advance and therefor scheduling may not permit additional time when you are in session. Should Dolores have time she will go over with your permission and payment.

Also Phone and Skype readings are available. When booking your session please click the tab for phone readings.

$65.00 for 30 minute reading
$100.00 for a 60 minute reading