Mediumship Reading

Mediumship Reading is a loving and healing session. Our Spirit family truly gets excited when Dolores connects you to the Spirit world. Its a party in the spirit world as she likes to describe it. Every session is unique as our finger prints.

Sessions begin with a prayer, Dolores will send her energy to the Spirit world and see who will be the first communicator, most often she will pull in several loved ones during the session. Each reading, she will provide evidence and share details about your loved ones when they were in the physical world. After providing sufficient evidence of who she is communicating with she then she continues the conversation of what message(s) your loved ones want you to know. Dolores cannot guarantee who will step up to communicate however she will do her best to communicate with all your loved one(s). Feel free to bring a photo(s) or an object that may assist her in contacting your Spirits. Also know,  should she be in the middle of a reading and your time is up she will continue to finish the reading with no additional charge. All readings are confidential. Recording devices are permitted however it is only for personal playback and is not permitted else where without Dolores' written permission.
$100.00 for 30 minute session
$150.00 for 60 minute session