As a child, Dolores knew she was different from other children. She had a unique understanding of the afterlife. She would hear her name being called and no one around, she would have dreams of people in spirit asking her to pass on a message to the living. She would have premonitions of events that would take place before they would happen.

Her gift did not go unnoticed, her mother recognized her gifts rather early, she kept her mind open to Spirit.
As she grew into pre-teen age, Dolores purchased her first metaphysical book, how to connect with the Spirit world. She began to practice automatic writing.

Dolores and her mother were like two psychic junkies, could not get enough of the Spirit world. As she grew older they would take occasional classes, read books and were always seeing psychics.
Although Dolores likes to say, “Spirit has a plan” it was not time for her to work. She opened a deli and catering business with her family and worked side by side with her brother Andrew and her mother for almost 20 years. In the midst of this she met her wonderful “porkchop” and married the love of her life, Ed. They have two wonderful, teenage children, Eddy and Naya.

Having to close her family business due to family and health issues, Dolores found herself at a point of surrender. She asked spirit and the universe “put me where I am needed.”  The next day she woke up and was connecting with spirits. Not knowing what the heck she was doing, feeling confused on her gift; her husband Ed was the one to encourage her to find a mentor and develop her gifts…and that is exactly what she did!

Dolores holds much respect and gratitude for her teacher and now her mentor Lee Vanzyl of MontClair Metaphysical Center. She recognized her gift and assisted her to excel to the fine Medium she is today. Dolores continues to study with Lee to develop in Trance Mediumship.
Always eager to learn, Dolores has studied with the finest Mediums across the world. She has and continues to travel to the Arthur Finlay College of Psychic Development in Stansted England. As well as Mediums from The Journey Within.

In 2012 her brother Andrew, unexpectedly passed at the age of 49. His passing left her and the family devastated from this loss. Andrew is now a guide for Dolores. You will find he works with her through music since Andrew was a DJ for over thirty years. Especially, when Dolores is working you will find fun and uplifting music being played. She likes to say “it’s a party in the spirit world, trust me I know! my brother is the DJ.”
After being guided by spirit to pass her gift on, Dolores decided to open Supreme Soul Healing and Learning Center. A place for fellow Psychic Mediums to learn and develop there gift. The center also offers meditation classes and various classes/workshops on metaphysical world.

Moving forward, Dolores is a Demonstrating Medium and has traveled all around the US and abroad. She reads privately, as well as teaches all her classes in her Keyport, NJ office.